Internet Content Distribution Agreements

Analyzed requirements and determined licensing terms necessary to allocate risks associated with providing proper protection of digitally distributed content. Negotiated a series of copyright licenses between a major record label granting rights to distribute their sound recordings over the internet, where the consideration included equity participation in the licensee. These licenses required careful consideration of the copy control technologies, provisions dealing with possible failures of the technology and appropriate risk allocation and mitigation mechanisms.

Analyzed technology risks and appropriate licensing terms to mitigate risks on behalf a major music publishing consortium. Drafted and negotiated a series of music publishing agreements granting rights in fixation and distribution of works through the internet, including the license portion of a settlement agreement in connection with a landmark litigation regarding unauthorized music distribution on the internet.

Representation of a world-wide cable music television network. Drafted and negotiated several internet audio-visual work distribution cross licenses with a well-known live music venue that also involved equity participation.

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