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Our Practice Areas

Worldwide Patent Procurement

We know what to look for when evaluating IP as well as what to look for in a new technological offering to find IP that can be protected.

Worldwide Trademarks and Branding

We check that your idea for a brand is clear to use without interference. We also draft and file trademark applications around the world.

Patent, Trademark & Copyright Litigation

We engage in a broad range of IP litigation, including asserting and defending against patent lawsuits including patent infringement lawsuits.

Media, Copyrights and the Internet

We have extensive experience representing clients in the intersection of Copyright law, Internet distribution technologies, and encryption technologies.

Software Development and IT Licensing

We provide stellar service as computer lawyers especially because of Ted Sabety’s past experience as a computer scientist.

Intellectual Property Strategy, Valuation and Sale

We understand how financial algebra works, how risk affects valuation and how real options involving intellectual assets can provide value.

Strategic Technology Transactions

We use our in-depth technical knowledge to consider ranges of possible outcomes and risks in the fast-developing fields that it operates in.

Industries Served

Technology, Software & Hardware

We can protect your technological innovations from being copied by your competitors.


We can help you mitigate the risks of legal action being taken against your website or SAAS business.

Fashion, Apparel & Consumer Products

We can clear and protect your brand around the world so that you can get a registered trademark.

Digital Media

We can obtain the appropriate rights and rates for the particular way your business uses of music and audio-visual works on your website or other distribution channel.

Purchasing IT Software & Services

Our technical experience gets you the best-drafted agreements because we understand the technology itself.

IP in Finance & Investing

We can conduct corporate due diligence of intellectual property and negotiate the intellectual property terms and conditions in M&A and investment contracts.

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First-Class IP Attorney

“Ted is a first-class IP attorney and general counsel responsible for all of my companies intellectual property work. He has fought hard to get patents awarded and has keen insight in regards to technology and patent law. I highly recommend Ted without reservation.” JH

A Knowledgeable Litigator

“Ted is smart, creative, and is an aggressive knowledgeable litigator. We were sued for patent infringement and he quickly disposed of the case in a fast-track summary judgment dismissal. I highly recommend him.Exit Visual Builder” SV

Intelligent And Creative Attorney

“Ted is one of the most intelligent and creative attorneys I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I have worked with him extensively and his work is second to none. I can recommend him absolutely without reservation.” DL