Technology Transactions Sabety +associates, PLLC has advised companies, investors and entrepreneurs on negotiation of technology licensing or technology acquisition transactions. Clients rely on Ted’s extensive hands-on engineering experience to get a deal that is well defined and covers all of the bases—even those that hadn’t been thought of before.

Technology Transactions

Clients rely on Sabety +associates, PLLC to obtain the best documentation for their technology transactions. Sabety +associates, PLLC uses its in-depth technical knowledge to consider ranges of possible outcomes and risks in the fast-developing fields that it operates in. Language in its technology contracts are precise and rely on the proper use of technical wording where necessary to make very clear what the transaction is about. Whether the transaction is a license, an acquisition or development agreement, we always consider the business strategy at work that the transaction is to serve. This informs us how to license a patent, a technology or even a copyright property. This is an important aspect of how Sabety +associates, PLLC can obtain for you a transaction that obtains favorable risk-allocation in a well-understood document. Clients seek advice from Sabety +associates, PLLC as technology transactions attorneys on complex technology transaction agreements, which can be a mix of development, acquisition or patent licensing. Our business experience in the technology and electronic media fields intersects with the digital technology background to provide you with insight and ability to structure and negotiate software technology deals that raise issues involving patent licensing, negotiating a patent license agreement, advising clients in patent licensing strategy, and working on both sides of licensing a patented product and licensing patented technology so that the transaction meets the needs our clients’ at optimal cost.