Purchasing IT Software and Services

Sabety +associates, PLLC serves the Purchasing IT Software and Services Industries

Our technical experience gets you the best-drafted agreements because we understand the technology itself. It is also important for a company to have well-drafted non-disclosure agreements, patent licensing agreements for licensing patented technology or licensing a patented product, software licenses and code development agreements. When these agreements are sloppy or not well thought out, you run the risk of a dispute becoming a lawsuit, or discovering your company doesn’t really own what it thinks it owns. We have negotiated complex software licenses, both into a company and out of the company, and we have negotiated software development transactions on both sides of the deal. In the world of IT procurement, we have negotiated deals with the largest software houses, including Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft. If you are building your company on top of an intellectual property license, you want that license to be complete, well-defined and designed to anticipate and address the possible future outcomes.