Fashion, Apparel and Consumer Products

Sabety +associates, PLLC serves the Fashion, Apparel and Consumer Products Industries

We can clear and protect your brand around the world so that you can get a registered trademark.  Getting a trademark that is valid and protectable is a crucial early step in starting a branded business.  We can also protect your product designs by getting a patent on your designs.  We developed the Rag & Bone trademark registration portfolio.  We settled the case Burberry v. Levy Group where Burberry alleged that Levy Group improperly used a plaid pattern that Burberry claimed was their trademark. Burberry v. JC Penney & Levy Group SDNY, 16-CV-00982.  We obtained a patent over Tommy John Menswear’s innovative “stay-tucked” undershirt.   In the consumer product field, we have obtained a series of design patents to protect the design of the Star Spangled Spatula®.   We can help you decide on a brand name, help with how to get a trademark  that is registered and/or how to get a trademark logo registered  in the U.S. and foreign countries.  We conduct brand search and clearances for many brands in the industry in order that you avoid getting sued by a senior brand owner.   We also clear fabric patterns, many of which are subject to copyright and trademark registrations. We have also obtained trademark protection for certain kinds of fashion design features. We have addressed complex intellectual property issues involving toy designs and cutlery designs.

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