Finance and Investing

Sabety +associates, PLLC serves the Finance and Investing Industries

We can conduct corporate due diligence of intellectual property and negotiate the intellectual property terms and conditions in M&A and investment contracts.   We can investigate whether a company’s technology infringes a patent.  We have issued several opinion letters in connection with closing financings. An investment in a technology company is not completely vetted unless the intellectual property that the company relies on has been examined.  Investors need to look at the intellectual property that a potential investment vehicle relies on.  That involves due diligence review of in-bound licenses to intellectual property, like software, trademarks and patent licensing as well as the out-going customer agreements that license usage. We have conducted patent validity and enforceability studies for corporate due diligence.  In addition, we have checked the registration status and clearance of a company’s brand, patents and copyrights as well as ownership status of the intellectual property developed by or for the company.