Sabety +associates, PLLC serves the e-Commerce Industries

We can help you mitigate the risks of legal action being taken against your website or SAAS business.  As technology transactions attorneys, we draft user agreements that can cap your potential liability to your customers or vendors.  For SAAS businesses, proper risk allocation for data loss, malware and hacking is essential.  We also negotiate licenses of software and data feeds and aid in patent licensing strategy.  When a website is created, there is intellectual property, typically copyrights, that are created. We negotiate development agreements so that the website owns the intellectual property that makes up the scripts, HTML, video, images, audio and other text items embedded in the website.  The website operator also has to be careful about user-uploaded content that may belong to a third party.  See below regarding work we do with Digital Media businesses.  We also assist you in preparing an effective privacy policy governing use of customer data. We have also advised companies on PCI/DSS, HIPAA and other data security issues.  We have also protected websites from copying by bringing suit, including Shopkeep.com v. Payvida, SDNY 15 CV 00172.