Digital Media

Sabety +associates, PLLC serves the Digital Media Industries

We can obtain the appropriate rights and rates for the particular way your business uses of music and audio-visual works on your website or other distribution channel.  We provide advice regarding your reliance on the complex “safe harbor” rules under the U.S. Copyright Act.   We can confirm that your content providers have the appropriate rights they are granting to you.   Sabety +associates, PLLC has been at the forefront of digital distribution of copyrighted works. Ted Sabety worked on the earliest sound recording licenses for internet distribution for EMI Recorded Music.  His work includes litigating the copyright lawsuits Napster, Grokster and cases, which were the first music downloading copyright infringement lawsuits.  He has advised the Harry Fox Agency, ASCAP  and the Songwriters Guild of America (SGA) on digital distribution issues for PA copyrights.  He has advised the record industry on issues surrounding patent rights in digital media data compression CODECS. He has also advised on acquisitions of music catalog for digital distribution.

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